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Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) x Reader - Plus One
        Your eyes couldn’t help but travel down his well-toned body. It’s not like he minded, right? Why else would he perform without his shirt? And he knew that he was on live television. But here he was, singing ‘Good Boy’ with G-Dragon, in only his pants (that hung dangerously low on his gorgeous hips) and his shoes. At least his pants weren’t too tight. He could get in a lot of trouble for that - you didn’t like when he showed off to anyone but you, but you still had to share him, unfortunately. He was world famous as part of BIGBANG, and solo. His voice was amazing on top of his looks, and you still wondered how you got his attention. You couldn’t help but remember how the two of you got here.
        You were pretty, sure, but not super-model pretty or anything, and you had been a back-up dancer in one of his videos when the two of you met, the one for
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Park Jimin x Reader - Golden
        Jimin couldn't contain his smiled as he sat on his couch. He was excited for you to come over for movie night, because it was your two-year anniversary today. He couldn't sit still, and already had all of your favorite snacks laid out on the coffee table. He had the classic few movies that you both could recite every line to - The Emperor’s New Groove, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Princess Bride. He had a few others too, mostly romantic comedies because they were his favorites, and filled almost all of his shelves.
        He also had a surprise for you, and he knew that you were going to love it. The doorbell went off, and Jimin jumped to his feet and almost slipped when he ran because his socks were so slick on the wooden floor.
        He threw the door open, very eager to see you, and you could see the excitement plain on his face - his cheeks we
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Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader - Cute Trainee
        "Look!  He's here again, [y/n]!"  Your best friend was standing in front of the dance studio's glass door and was pointing inside.
        "Hana, it's not nice to point!"  You smacked her hand and gave her a reprimanding look.  "And where is Jihee?"  You looked around, but didn't see the wild girl with the ice-blue hair.
        "I dunno..." Hana trailed off.  Somehow, you didn't trust that kind of response.
        "Hana?  Do I have to steal your phone again?"  She shook her head.
        "Oh, no!  She's not at the studio, I know.  Or at the dorm!  I actually don't know where Jihee is.  She told me that she was going to miss practice, and then took off.  I don't know where - probably to go risk rumors with Jisung aga
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Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) x Reader - Dream Knight
        He walked out of his office, stretching, when he heard a sniffling from the TV room.  Confused, Namjoon peered into the den to find all the lights off and the TV on.  Glancing at the couch, he saw a pile of white and a pile of blue.
        The pile of white was of tissues; crumpled after being used to wipe away tears (thankfully, instead of the sleeve of Namjoon's favorite jacket, again).
        The pile of blue was you, all curled up under the blanket that Jimin had gotten you for your birthday.  He had bought it in the first place because Yoongi was complaining about you always taking his jackets when you couldn't find Namjoon's.  You were usually cold in the house, but that was because Namjoon keeps the temperature low out of habit - at the dorm, Seokjin had been frugal, and he knew heating was expensive.
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The Most Beautiful Moments in Life, Ch.1
The Most Beautiful Moments in Life…Are Together
Suga: so we go to the same school?
RapMonster: Looks like it.
Suga: did you wanna meet up?
RapMonster: you sure you want to drop your cool-factor by hanging with an underclassman?
Suga: usually alone, but sometimes i have some friends
Suga: youve met one on here
Suga: jhope
RapMonster: Ah, yeah.  I have a friend or two as well.  They don't have cool names or anything, but one of them is obsessed with the letter ‘V.’
Suga: thats weird
RapMonster: Hey, he's one of my closest friends.
Suga: sorry
Suga: i didnt mean to offend you
RapMonster: It’s cool.
Suga: …
Suga: so then are we good to meet up?
RapMonster: Sure.
RapMonster: I’ll bring my friends and you bring yours - we can guess who each other are, since two of you know me.
Suga: fine
Suga: meet me under the tree in the corner of the patio at lunch
RapMonster: That sounds like you're issuing a challenge.
Suga: don't fight me
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Rin Okumura x Reader - Jealousy Ch. 21
        "Even in the beginning, there were dark forces. With their presence in this world, God required an army, and so He made one.
        "They were all beautiful, and yet terrifying.  They had two forms though, so that they would not scare God's favorite children, the humans, when they went to protect them from evil. 
        "God called these gorgeous creatures 'angels' and when not on Earth, they were allowed to show their true form.  No human has ever witnessed an angel's true form, not without dying, so we know nothing of what they look like.    The tricky part about angels is that they look exactly like humans when walking among us. They don't want to upset God by showing their true form and killing us all.
        "At least, that's how it used to be. A few rules were written over time, and now
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Lelouch vi Britannia x Reader - Birthday
Fem Reader
**I made the executive decision to place this in an Alternative Universe where Geass don't exist and Lulu is a normal prince**
        You were excited. Tonight was finally the night you would meet your fiance. It was hard, waiting for these last few month to pass by, but you were going to meet him, your fiance at your birthday party.
        Well, you father was very insistent on calling it your 'coming of age ball' instead, but you thought it was easier your way.
        You took a deep breath, staring at yourself in the mirror.  You really did look grown-up, with your hair all pulled back from your face and pinned so delicately.  Your face was made up by your mother's servants so that it wasn't too light or too heavy, and it complimented your bone structure so well.
        You really were speechles
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Keith x Reader - Violet (Soulmate!AU)
*Soulmate!AU where you can't see the color of your soulmate's eyes until your eyes meet*
        "What the hell does purple look like?!"  Everyone looked up at you.  You were at your cousin's wedding reception, and everyone was talking about what a pretty purple the bridesmaid's dresses were.  You had thought that, for some reason, they were all in gray, which was really weird for a wedding, but your cousin always had been excentric.
        "Oh,you were gone from school when they explained it, weren't you?"  You mom realized that she had taken you to some funeral when they talked to the students about soulmates.
        "Explained what?"  You were a bit agitated, as you had heard of the color purple before, when you were younger and were learning colors in the first place, but you never understood why you needed a name for another shade
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Maybe This Time - Chapter 6
        I wasn't sure what to make of the relationship between Karma and myself anymore.  It was a muddy mess, mostly because I was craving love that night in the kitchen. 
        I had kissed him. 
        And he hadn't kissed back. 
        I was sure it was just the shock of a middle school boy, so broken on the floor that he couldn't move lest he shatter any more, kissing him, but I shouldn't have expected anything.  It was more chaste than anything, a thank-you between close friends (though if it was anyone else, I know Karma would be the one to state 'no homo'). 
        It had hurt me at the time to see him so shocked, especially since I was delusional from the emotional pain and took his silent freak-out for disgust. 
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Rin Okumura x Reader - Jealousy Ch. 20
        "Why, of course I knew. I could tell from her aura alone that she was dishonored by Him." Mephisto was behind his desk, drinking tea. His hat was sitting beside him so his ridiculous cowlick was fully exposed. He took a sip from his cream and pink colored tea-cup. "Why do you ask? Did she say something?"
        Yukio and Bon were standing before the demon in a respectful manner. "No," Yukio began. "But one of the students saw her back. This could be a potential disaster if word got out that we were harboring one of her kind here, especially if it was a student who ratted." The boy didn't doubt that your secret would he kept, he just wanted something to threaten Mephisto with.
        "Ah, but how do you know that she's an offense?" Mephisto leaned forward and set his cup down. His fingers interlocked to form a steeple.
:iconmelynie:Melynie 7 1
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Pt.3
        "You were sent by my dad? Right." Even if I knew he was crazy, I couldn't help but glance at the pen in my hand. Maybe Dad was the one who was listening?
        "I'm serious. He appeared in my frontroom - completely destroying my mom's favorite rug, by the way, and claimed that his 'beloved [y/n]' was in danger. He said that my pegasus was on the roof waiting to take me to her, and, lo and behold, he was actually right."
        "Okay, so why you?" I capped my pen and shoved it in my messenger bag, looking around to see if there was anywhere for Scott to shadow-travel to.
        "I have been asking myself the same question for a while now."  He pulled out a cheap pen's lid and touched it to the tip of his sword, shrinking it to the size and shape of a 99¢ ballpoint pen.  Cute.  I went over to t
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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Pt.2
        In hindsight, my method of killing monsters isn't very effective.  I mean, it requires writing, and when running for my life, there are not a lot of things to write on.  This usually means that I have golden ink all over my arm, and let me tell you, it has never been easy to remove.  Especially since it's more like paint than like ink. 
        Regardless, with the cyclops chasing after me, I had to keep making sharp turns so that he didn't catch up as I tried to write myself home.  That sounded funny. 
        Whatever I write with the golden ink will become reality.  That was a huge responsibility to give a thirteen year old girl, and I learned that the hard way.  There was a reason I was kicked out of my home.  Well, two reasons.  One of them was because I didn't want to harm my mother in any way at all, esp
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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Pt.1
        You'd think I'd be used to being hunted down by crazed, cannibal giants, or scary, snake-legged ladies, but I've been more wrong before.  Take that time in third grade.  I thought that Suzie was a nice girl, but it turned out she just wanted my Oreos.  Or in fifth grade, when I thought that Evan had a crush on me, and it turned out that he just wanted my homework answers.  And again, three years ago, when I thought that maybe, eigth grade would be a piece of cake?  It turned out that I was famous online for my fanfiction, but I was also famous in real life, and mythical monsters that were supposed to be stories turned up during a pep rally and tried to kill me. 
        That had really bummed out my school spirit.  The only thing that kept me going for the last three years was the fact that there were people cheering me on. 
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Shiro x Reader - Closer
        The night wasn’t going exactly the way you thought it would, considering you were at a party. Not exactly your idea of a great time, but the music was good and the ocean breeze felt nice compared to the early June heat. Your friends looked to be having the time of their lives, though, so you stayed. You might not have met the love of your life otherwise.
        You were a ways away from the bonfire and surrounding drunks, far enough that you wouldn't be hit by sand when someone stumbled by you, but close enough to hear the punk music blasting from someone’s Bluetooth speakers. You were sitting on the ground in a pair of shorts and a tank-top, holding your red solo cup half-filled with a cheap-tasting local brew.
        Then, when you thought that you'd had enough of being a wallflower, a man came from the group and sat to the right of you. He was
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Pidge x Reader - Forbidden
(If you have a problem with the strictly romantic relationship between a fourteen year old and and eighteen year old, this is not the story for you. Also, female reader.)
        You knew you really shouldn’t have done it, but you had fallen for your boyfriend’s younger sister regardless. Of course, Matt and you were only ‘dating’ so that your parents wouldn’t get on either of you for being gay. You didn’t think that it would be too hard since the two of you hung out 24/7 anyway, but when you met Katie, you knew it would be.
        The young girl was twelve, and you were sixteen when you met, but your heart didn’t care, and Katie acted so much older than her years. She was perfection. Her snark and sass was enough to rival your own and she was way smarter than you were. You had never been one to excessively praise, but you really wanted to raise little Katie on a p
:iconmelynie:Melynie 17 3
Lance x Reader - Tutoring
        You couldn't think of a single way to convince Lance to pay attention. 
        The two of you were studying for a huge chemistry test coming up, but your boyfriend wouldn't keep his eyes or hands or words to himself.  On more than one occasion, you had to slap his hands away from your thighs.  Eventually, you moved to the other side of the table, but that didn't stop him from spouting countless terrible pick-up lines. 
        "Hey, are you made of copper and tellurium?  'Cuz you're CuTe~"  You groaned.  He's told that one twice already.
        "C'mon, I tell a chemistry joke, but you had no reaction."  He couldn't stay serious and started laughing.
        "Lance, focus, please."
        "I am. 
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Victor .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Victor .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,105 239 Prompto by sakimichan Prompto :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,157 239
Nanbaka Seven Minutes in Heaven - Yamato
      “No need to call me up, I'm already ready to go.” Before the Warden could utter a single word, Yamato rushed to the center of the room and handed her his slip of paper. “I already know who my partner is too, so you don't have to worry about that either.” After a quick salute, he excitedly walked up to where you were sitting. “I saw your paper earlier in the game. You're also number four, correct?”
Holding your paper up so that he could see your number, you nodded. “Yup, that's me.”
“Then let's go!” Already laughing, Yamato lifted you out of your seat and into his arms. Without skipping a beat, or putting you down, he ran into the closet and shut the door. All of this had been done without the Warden saying a word. “Here we are. Let the seven minutes begin.”
Still in his arms, you offered a feeble smile. “You're really excited about this, aren't you?”
“I am very excited.”
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 26 2
Spring Will Come (Ace x Reader)
You knew the universe was taunting you when, even months later, you were still finding clothes he had left behind. A virtual mountain of laundry was beginning to pile up in your living room, but you could not bear to throw it away. Not when that stupid Hawaiian shirt reminded you of your first date at the fair—awkward and sweetly innocent. Or the shorts he wore on your trip to the beach, when he fell asleep on the sand and ended up looking like a lobster for the following month.
They still smelled like him—burnt matches and cinnamon and that terrible cologne you had bought him for your first Christmas together that he insisted on wearing anyway. You could close your eyes and inhale and it was almost as if he was right there in front of you—fresh out of the shower smelling like his coconut shampoo. It all melted away once you opened them again, the spring morning sun illuminating the dust mites in the air as you tossed yet another shirt on t
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 36 12
lockscreen. | yuri plisetsky
lockscreen | yuri p x reader
You watched your boyfriend, Yuri Plisetsky, skate gracefully from your spot across the rink. Today, you decided that you’d come along to his practice and give some moral support. The Russian fairy would never admit it, but he thought he’d skate better as long as you were there. And, maybe Yakov wouldn’t yell at him as much if you were there to witness it.
The sound of a phone going off broke you from the beautiful figure skating-induced trance. You turned to your left and noticed that the noise came from Yuri’s bag, which he left next to you before he started practicing. His phone, which was on top of his bag, was lit up with a text notification from Viktor.
But, you noticed something else.
There was a text notification, meaning whatever photo he set as his lockscreen was blurred out. That, however, didn’t stop you from noticing what the lockscreen seemed to be. It was a human shape, that’s for sure. It kind
:iconmei-and-miyoko:Mei-and-Miyoko 37 3
Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,686 206
Mystic Messenger Seven Minutes in Heaven - Zen
     “We didn't have as many people left here as I thought.” With all the remaining party goers now seated in a circle around him, Zen slowly made his way around the room gathering items in an empty punch bowl. “That's too bad. I had hoped this would be more of an event.” All items now collected, he placed the bowl on a nearby table  “Still, we should have enough players for a few turns. So, let's begin.” Graceful, as always, Zen once again began to move through the crowd, this time in search of a player. After a moment, he stopped in front of you and extended a hand. “Would you do me the honor of playing first?”
“Sure I would. Actually, I'd love to.” Taking his hand without pause, you stood to your feet with a nod. “I've played this game once before, so there's no need for you to explain the rules to me. I know what I'm doing.”
“I see. That's convenient, isn't it?” Expecting you to
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 61 2
Voltron Legendary Defender Seven in Heaven - Shiro
       Standing in the center of the room with his hand to his chin, Lance looked over the remaining group of people and thought. “You know, this would be a lot simpler if I could see who actually looked excited to play and who didn't.” He sighed. “I tell you what, instead of me picking, one of you should just come up here.” Smiling to himself, Lance picked up the bottle and waited for someone to claim it. He didn't have to wait long either. The moment he'd allowed you to volunteer yourself, you did. Surprised at how quickly you'd appeared, Lance actually took a step back. “Man, you must be seriously excited to play. You practically ran up here.”
Already grasping for the bottle he held in his hands, you eagerly nodded. “Of course I'm excited to play. Why wouldn't I be?”
“I'm just making sure. That's my job as host you know.” Leaning in close, Lane painting the most charming smile he could muster on his lips
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 45 5
Mature content
And I'll Walk Back To You (Logan x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 58 15
First Impressions (Ignis x Reader)
You had just finished cleaning up the horrid mess left in a booth from the last lot of customers when four more walked through the door. The bell chimed at you, mockingly cheerful as they entered, almost drowned out by their incessant chatter.
You closed your eyes and sighed. You did not need this today.
These damn tourists. Longwythe was little more than a pit stop for them. They would breeze in, stay for a spell, then breeze right out again, leaving you to clean up the leavings. What did they care? It wasn’t like they would ever see you again. There was no need for courtesy or small talk in their eyes because any first impressions they made—good or bad—would surely be forgotten. They were partially right. You saw so many pass through that you forgot individual faces, but the bad experiences always left a lasting impression and fuelled a deep-seated animosity toward any and all outsiders that happened by your tiny little corner of the world.
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 101 49
Valentine's Day - Raffle [CLOSED]
Happy Valentine's Day, dudes!
- - -
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who take part in this raffle, i didn't even expected to see so many people actually, you just make me happy fjjhddhsjdds
And you can't just imagine, I'm so thankful for all your words, i read them all and it's so kind jsdk your different opinions are important and interesting,
they allowed me to look from the other side on what i want to see in what im doing and understand better which way i should keep, this helped a lot
and make me feel so much better and more confident that things I'm doing is not in vain uhhhh -cries-

Congratulations to the winner!


<em wytiwyg="1" class="issue_confirmed">
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Eyeballs (Uta x Reader)
(A/N: This has swears in it. I wasn't sure if it needed a warning label or not so I decided not to put one.)
You were specifically told not to go in the closet. But did you listen?
~Flash Back to Ten Minutes Previous~
"[Name], please refrain from snooping through that closet," Uta pointed to a door sandwiched between two other doors. He stared down at you and raised his eyebrows, as if saying 'Do you understand?'
"Okay, yeah, got it. No discovering the prize behind door number two," you nodded and walked across the room to his desk. Huffing as your bum hit the chair, you looked at him, "I promise I won't go through that closet," you raised your hands in surrender before sending a sweet smile. He stared at you for another few seconds before nodding and stepping up to you.
"Thank you," he paused, running his fingers through your hair, "I'll be back later. Don't open the door for anyone. I really don't want to come home to you splattered across my masks."
He kissed you lovingly before
:iconzigsterbruh420:ZigsterBruh420 7 6
V by Tabanei V :icontabanei:Tabanei 930 27 Thread by Tabanei Thread :icontabanei:Tabanei 1,016 31
Dirty Pick-up Lines | Rin Matsuoka x Shy!Reader
Dirty Pick-up Lines | Rin Matsuoka x Shy!Reader DRABBLE
You lay on your boyfriend, the one and only Samezuka Swim Team captain, Rin Matsuoka’s chest. You had walked to Rin’s house, to which he yelled at you for because it was winter and cold outside, and you got there, freezing cold. You weren’t really the happiest at the moment because you were having trouble warming up. Rin always had a natural body heat, so, on cold days, he would try to warm you up and cuddle with you, he would change positions a lot, so all of your body could warm up. You were extremely upset at the moment, and unknowingly to you, Rin was coming up with a plan to make you laugh.
“(Y/n).” He mumbled, grinning deviously.
“Yeah?” You say quietly, almost a whisper. You weren’t the loudest person, considering how shy you were.
“What has 36 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?” Rin asks, smirking at you. You look up at him, confused.
:iconsammitrancy:SammiTrancy 174 21
The Soulmate Conspiracy [4/4] (Levi x Reader)
“Mr. Ackerman, get to class!” Principal Smith yelled out as the teenager ran past him.
Levi skidded to a stop before giving his principal a glare.
“Or what you’ll expel me too? Go for it, my uncle was probably going to move soon anyway. I suppose if I put up any struggle you’ll just assault me like you did (Y/N)?”
“Child, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Really? I thought grabbing a student so hard that she bruises, unprovoked I might add, would be considered assault.”
The group of students that had been in the hall remained standing instead of moving for their next classes. By the sound of their whispers it was clear that some could recall (Y/N)’s injury.
“I’m sure if anything like that happened between I and (L/N) she would have made it known to everyone.”
“Maybe she feels bad for you.” Levi said with a stone cold look in his eyes. From that look alone Erwin could tell t
:icondessiekarma:dessiekarma 208 45



I'm actually crying right now.  I've worked so hard as a writer for the last four years and it was hard.  I still doubt that I'm worth it half the time becasue some of my stories don't get reads like the others, so I think that it's stupid, but recently, I've had three different people ask me for writing advice and if their story was good or not, and I'm just so honored and happy.  I'm not just saying that I'm crying for the sake of thank you, but I am crying actual tears, I just have worked so hard and it's amazing me that I'm here.  I count up all of my followers on my five sites, and it blows me away that I'm up to 819.  Damn, I want to cry again.  I am so thankful for you all.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


        Your eyes couldn’t help but travel down his well-toned body. It’s not like he minded, right? Why else would he perform without his shirt? And he knew that he was on live television. But here he was, singing ‘Good Boy’ with G-Dragon, in only his pants (that hung dangerously low on his gorgeous hips) and his shoes. At least his pants weren’t too tight. He could get in a lot of trouble for that - you didn’t like when he showed off to anyone but you, but you still had to share him, unfortunately. He was world famous as part of BIGBANG, and solo. His voice was amazing on top of his looks, and you still wondered how you got his attention. You couldn’t help but remember how the two of you got here.

        You were pretty, sure, but not super-model pretty or anything, and you had been a back-up dancer in one of his videos when the two of you met, the one for ‘Ringa Linga’. You had accidentally spilt a smoothie down the front of him, and he just shrugged before pulling off his shirt. He wasn’t shy at all, and that amazed you. Of course, you knew who he was - he liked to spell out his name in some of his songs, and you had heard the song at least three dozen times. T-A-E-Y-A-N-G. One of the best, or arguably THE best looking man you had ever seen.

        And it really didn’t help your instant crush when you got to find out what a kind, dorky gentleman he was, and that he would later do anything to get you, the dolt who spilt a smoothie on him, to go out with him. You had sputtered when you saw the fruit puree dripping down his black t-shirt, trying to apologize, but then he pulled off the shirt in one motion, that one way that boys do. Then you shut up, entranced.

        You had seen him on YouTube before, but it was honestly nothing compared to real-life, since he was so much taller than he looked. Your mouth simultaneously went dry and started to salivate, so you swallowed and shook your head, apologizing once again. You heard Taeyang laugh, and you looked up.

        “You’re cute,” he said. “It’s fine, really. I don’t need the shirt for my next scene anyway, and uh, cutie?” You blushed at the nickname. “It’s alright to stare.” He smirked and winked before moving past you, his arm on your bicep when he moved by you on is way to wherever it was that he was needed. He had a nice laugh.

        You sighed and texted your best friend, telling her about what happened. She was personally insulted, being such a huge Taeyang fan, but it was what it was.

        Taeyang always made sure you were a dancer in his videos when he had to film one, but you thought it was your company telling you to go. You didn’t know he was requesting you. He liked you and wanted to see you again, and that’s how you got to know him better, and how you met his best friend Kwon Jiyong, G-Dragon. Taeyang had asked for you in their video for ‘Good Boy,’ almost a year after you had met.

        Not every person who spills a smoothie in him gets called back, he said on your first date when he confessed to requesting you. “Oh. Have many girls spilt drinks down your shirt?” You asked. He shook his head.

        "Just a few.” You rolled your eyes. He loved how real you were with him, treating him like a person and not just an idol. It was refreshing and he fell for you more. That's the day he asked you to call him Youngbae instead of Taeyang.

        A few months had passed with the two of you keeping in closer contact before he asked you to act in a music video with him again, but as a bigger role. It was a BIGBANG song that you didn’t know well, but you agreed to it anyway, since it was Youngbae asking. You didn’t know much about acting, but you’d learn for him. It turned out that you were a natural.

        The video was for a song called ‘Let’s Not Fall in Love’ and you got to be ‘the girl on the rooftop’ as Youngbae would call you affectionately. By then, you could tell that at least G-Dragon knew something was going on between you and Youngbae. He had seen you around a lot more recently to the point of him recognizing you. He didn't say anything though, and the filming went without a hitch.

        Youngbae was beautiful in the video, and all of the other members looked so soft. That's when you really got to experience what huge dorks they all were, and you were grateful for the experience. Daesung and Seungri were really nice and TOP was always cracking jokes. You were really glad to have met them all, and you told Youngbae this when you were saying goodbye. He was pouting a little bit since you had been paying attention to everyone and not him exclusively. 

        “Youngbae, it’s not like we’re dating.” You rolled your eyes.

        “But we could be.” He smirked and gave you a suggestive look. He had been hinting at going out for a while, ever since your first date. He slung an arm around your shoulders and you laughed. You wrapped your arm around his waist so that the two of you were connected, standing side by side, but looking at one another.

        “Is that so? Aren't you missing something?” You teased him while Daesung and Seungri chatted nearby. The older hit the younger and pointed to you and their band mate. They watched with interest.

        “Hmm. I don't think so? I can just kiss you, right?” You shook your head and the two boys nearby looked at one another.

        “No, you have to ask first.”

        “Hey, [y/n], can I kiss you?” You giggled.

        “Youngbae! I meant about the dating thing. Once you ask that, you won't have to ask for kisses.” You smirked right back at him. Where the others were standing, TOP realized that two of his younger friends were watching you and Taeyang with interest. He wanted over and stood behind them, joining in the eavesdropping.

        “Hey, [y/n],” Youngbae said, looking into your eyes. Before he said anything else, you heard a commotion. You looked over to the boys to see G-Dragon smacking the two younger on the back, them yelling in shock. He said something quietly so that only they and TOP could hear and they all nodded with guilty faces before wandering off somewhere else. Your phone went off when you looked back at Youngbae.

        “Sorry, cutie. That thought will have to wait. My ride’s here.” You sent him a flying kiss and a wink before turning and walking to where your friend was waiting for you. He made a face when your back was turned and Jiyong patted his shoulder.

        “Do it tomorrow. You guys hang out all time anyway, right? Go to an arcade so she's not pressured. Besides,” he said, turning to face Youngbae. “She really likes you too. It's not hard to tell, since she's always watching you.” He made a face. “It’s kind of gross.”

        That night you got a text from Youngbae, asking if you'd go out with him again tomorrow. You weren't doing anything, so you agreed. He told you to dress comfortably, even though he knew that you never dressed uncomfortably for looks alone. It was usually only for music videos, of which you had been more frequent in, and not just Youngbae’s. If you were popping up in more and more of his music videos, you must be talented, right? So everyone wanted you, especially when people picked up on the fact that you could wear more than one look comfortable - you could be cute or sexy, and people ate it up.

        He picked you up at your little apartment, which he actually really liked compared to his significantly larger, significantly emptier one.

        “Hey there.” He smiled when you opened the door. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that were killing you with how snugly they fit on him, and he had a face mask and baseball cap in hand. He had never particularly cared for fashion the way that G-Dragon had, so he kind of wore whatever when he was planning on going out in public - it tended to not draw eyes. Or when he was just hanging out with you.

        “Hey yourself. Where are we going?” You grabbed your bag and made sure you had your wallet and keys and phone and such before closing the door. Your friend was your roommate and she was still home, studying for her university.

        “You’ll see.” He put on the hat and the mask before grabbing your hand so that neither of you would get lost while maneuvering the streets of downtown. He really just wanted to hold your hand, but he wouldn't tell you that. And you were thankful, because you were thinking the same thing.

        Reluctantly, Youngbae let go of your hand when you got to the huge arcade. You had gotten used to him paying for things when you went out since he could afford to spoil you, even if you were only going on your second ‘official’ date that day. He liked to buy things for you, and your friend was under the impression that you had a sugar daddy, since she didn't know you were friends with her idol. You weren't giving anything in return except your company, so you didn't know how accurate that statement was, especially since you considered Youngbae to be your friend night now, even if you both wanted more.

        “So, Mr. Amazing, where to first?” The first time Youngbae took you to an arcade, he proceeded to show off the entire time. You got to the basketball game and he hit every shot, then called himself ‘Mr. Amazing’ and you still made fun of that.

        “I dunno. I don't feel like getting my ass kicked yet, so no dancing games. A racing game first?” You smiled at the fact that he knew you were a better dancer, and then agreed to his suggestion.

        You waited for two teenagers to get off of the racing games and then paid the credits to start it. The two of you were trash talking each other before it even started.

        “You ready to lose, Youngbae?” He snorted at your challenge.

        “I'm the one here who can actually drive, remember?” You laughed at his rebuttal.

        “Yes, but virtual driving is much different than real driving. Sorry, hun, but you're going down.” And the game and banter continued with shouts and cheers every time one of you passed the other up, with Youngbae winning in the end.

        He grinned gleefully at your pouting. “Alrighty, one for me, none for you. Next game?” You raised an eyebrow.

        “You're letting me choose next?” He nodded. “Really?” He nodded again, but looked a little uneasy. You smiled evilly. “I hope you're ready to actually lose, Youngbae. Lace up your shoes.” You shook your head and headed to the DDR machine. Youngbae groaned and followed. He said for you to choose any game, but at least he'd be able to chose the next game when he lost. Those were the rules that you two had established what seemed like forever ago - whoever lost got to chose the next game.

        You giggled, which normally would have been cute, when you started the game, but your face was pure evil. You chose a song at random and set it on hard to have some slack for Youngbae, instead of expert. He still lost bad. He had good rhythm, but not as good as you, who spent almost every spare moment practicing choreography. He lost bad since you had an almost perfect score. He made you laugh and mess up at one point.

        “Okay. My turn. We’re doing basketball.” You nodded.

        “Yes, sir.” You gripped onto the tail of his shirt as he made his was across the noisy, crowded arcade to the surprisingly empty basketball games. He smiled down at you before starting up the two games. You weren’t looking forward to this. He didn’t go easy on you at all since you had been mean and chose the game you were good at to get back at him for winning, and he was just returning the favor.

        “Ah!” You were, somehow, making more shots than Youngbae, but he was catching up. He didn't shoot as much as you did, you were faster, but his accuracy was a lot better than yours. He won.

        Youngbae smirked at you. “What's next, sweet cheeks?” You rolled your eyes at the nickname.

        “C’mon. I am officially a disgrace if I can't beat you at air hockey.” You strolled over to the table hockey table and watched two guys battle for their lives. Youngbae came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist while the two of you waited for the game to free up. You smiled. It was nice to be in his arms, and it was like a secret, since everyone knew who he was, but nobody did at the same time.

        You were at an arcade with one of the biggest names in kpop, and nobody around you knew that he was who he was behind his mask. It was thrilling.

        The friends at the air-hockey game finished and so you and Youngbae took your positions. It was a lot of shouting again, cheers and boos and laughs. You found it unfair that he had such long arms compared to you, and he definitely used that to his advantage.

        “Hey! You can’t lean your whole body on the table to get the puck into my goal! You’re cheating!” You were whining at this point, mainly because he was also winning.

        “Hey, [y/n], if I win, will you be my girlfriend?” You froze and Youngbae got another goal.

        “Hey, stop it!” You went to lean over the table and smack at Youngbae’s hands, but he retracted from his position rather easily. You narrowed your eyes at him.

        “Fine, but not if you win this game. Only if you can get one of the high scores anywhere in the arcade,” That was a big challenge, mostly because the place was so big and so many people went there to play, and so many of those people were talented as hell. Youngbae thought for a moment.

        “Alright. Challenge accepted.” He winked at you, and then scored another point. You let out another frustrated groan.

        “God, I hate you sometimes.” He just shook his head at your words.

        “Sure. Whatever you say, [y/n].” You pouted, and the two of you continued your fun. You had almost forgotten about your promise when he started up a shooting game. It was one player, but he was doing well. He wanted you to go get more credits in case he died, so you left him to practice shooting in the easy levels. He was going to try and get the high score on one of the later levels.

        While you were standing in line, the two guys from the air hockey table came up behind you. You tried to ignore them, but they were getting uncomfortably close to you. You shook your head and scooted up a little more in the line. They started to move as well, but a cashier opened up and you could escape. You got your credits easily enough, and went to try and find the shooting game again.

        Before you found it however, the guys found you. They stood in front of you, and the two of them were tall. They were pretty intimidating, and you knew self defense and such, but you didn’t have enough room to do anything. It was decently cramped at the arcade.

        “Um, excuse me. I need to get through.” You made sure the card with the credits was tucked safely in your pocket so that they couldn’t take it if they wanted to. Not easily, at least.

        The one on the left chuckled, and the one on the right spoke. “That’s nice. You have somewhere to be?” He took a step closer, and the left one answered him.

        “Yeah, actually, against the bathroom wall, between it, and-” before he could continue, someone shoved by him, and a pair of lips were on yours. You were surprised, but it felt so right, so natural. The stranger pulled away, and you saw it was Youngbae. He winked at you before pulling his mask back up his face.

        “I got the high score, so I went to find you. You’re my girlfriend now, right?” He seemed so cocky, but you knew Youngbae. He was genuine and careful, and hesitant. He didn’t want to rush you, and he wanted your consent for a relationship. You really liked that about him. You smiled, and nodded. You hadn’t really expected him to get a high score on one of the machines, but it was nice to see how loyal and serious he was.

        “Yeah.” You nodded, smiling softly. “I’m your girlfriend now.” He smiled, and then picked you up before swinging in a circle. You laughed, forgetting about the guys that had been halfway to harassing you. When Youngbae came up and took all of your attention, they left, since it was obvious that they weren’t going to get anymore from you.

        “Alright.” You could see the smile in Youngbae’s eyes, and you knew how happy he was. You were happy too. He was all you wanted.

        Of course, just because the two of you were now unofficially, officially, dating, didn’t mean that your roommate or the rest of the band was allowed to know yet. Not even your parents who you didn’t even talk to, were allowed to know, especially since you could be hurt. So many fangirls would be devastated, and you could potentially be approached, or even sent threats, and that was the last thing you or Youngbae wanted, so you kept the temporary secret.

        But the rumors started to fly when you performed ‘BAE BAE’ on stage with Taeyang. There was a difference, you felt, when using the boys’ stage names versus their real ones. The stage names, you used when they were on set usually, and you know, on stage. But you tended to use their real names when you were just hanging out. Youngbae had invited you to a few movie nights, so the boys were suspicious of the relationship as it was. The live performance just topped it off.

        But that’s also when the fans started to notice that you had been hanging around their beloved Taeyang a lot. That’s when the shippers went wild. Youngbae hadn’t tried especially hard to hide the relationship, just the usual no PDA of any sort, and no actual dates. That meant you learning how to cook so that you weren’t stuck eating ramen every night since your dates were usually at his place. You never knew when your roommate was going to be home.

        The live dance was sexy, and that first one was the first time you spent the night at his place. Ever since then, you usually were at his place five days of the week. Your roommate asked why you didn't just move in with your boyfriend, since you told her that you had one, and you told her that he wasn't always home. And he wasn't. You weren’t the only backup dancer, so on your nights off, you stayed at home, practicing, like you did at Youngbae’s place.

        “When can I meet your mystery boyfriend?” Your roommate was anxious to meet him - she was pretty protective of you and wanted to know who she was trusting you with. You just shook your head.

        “He's shy. And he hasn't even met my parents yet. I want to wait until he’s ready before I introduce him to anyone.” She didn’t know that you weren’t in touch with your parents and that you were just using them as an excuse.

        “Yeah,” she said. “But [y/n], you've been together for months. When is he going to be ready?” You shook your head again.

        “I don't know.” You shrugged, and that was the end of talk about meeting parents.

        Until the following week that was.

        You were at Taeyang’s apartment, like usual, and you were eating dinner, about two months after you started staying over, when you felt your stomach lurch violently.

        You gave Youngbae a funny look. “You okay, babe?” He had a worried look on his face when he got up and placed his hand on your back, but you pushed him to the side so that you could run to the bathroom. You had hardly eaten at all, but the food that was supposed to be your favorite just was not settling well. Youngbae came in behind you and held your hair back with one hand, the other resting on your back to comfort you.

        “I’m so sorry, Youngbae. I’m not feeling so hot.” He chuckled at your words.

        “You’re always hot, babe. I’m gonna take you to the hospital though, okay?” He ran to get his hat and mask. You already had doubts forming in your mind. You couldn’t There was no way. But there was that one

        Youngbae grabbed ahold of your hands and pulled you up, leading you to put on your shoes and coat. You were in a daze as he pulled you along in the street. You couldn’t believe it. It really did just take one time, you guess, like they say. It had been a few weeks back when he was in a hurry and you had both been drunk and it was Halloween, and Youngbae just didn’t have anything on him when the two of you were at a party. Damn. Were you both really that irresponsible?

        The small clinic was one that you knew Taeyang would frequent when he was feeling ill, since they were dedicated to their practice, and they never leaked any information about him. This one was trusted, and YG was paying them well to keep silent on top of their confidentiality contracts with their patients.

        When you went in with Youngbae, you were still unable to focus on much, so you sat while he filled out the sheets with what you needed, him asking you questions every once in awhile. There was a strong possibility that you knew what was wrong, but Youngbae didn't know any better. He just knew that you felt ill and that he needed you to be checked out to be sure that you were fine. In all honesty, you were a little scared to see if you were right and to see what Youngbae would do about it.

        You were a dancer for God’s sake! If you were right, what would you do? Would you be able to go back afterwards? And Youngbae was an idol. How would he react? How would the company react? How would the fans react? You felt Youngbae’s warm hand on your shoulder and you looked up at him, your eyes meeting his. You probably still smelled like vomit, but Youngbae pulled your forehead to his mouth so that he could kiss you through his mask. “Don’t worry, [y/n], I’ll take care of you,” he whispered to you. You smiled a bit and relaxed some as well. You took a deep breath and kissed his cheek, nodding.

- - - - - - -

        The doctor who had been helping you had left you and Youngbae in the exam room when she went to collect the finished test. You were holding onto his hand, anxious to see how he would react. He had removed his face mask when the two of you entered the exam room, and you were thankful. You‘d be able to see his reaction when the doctor told you the results.

        Youngbae would not sit still the entire time you were talking to the doctor. You weren’t sure if it was because of the type of test the doctor insisted on, or if it was the call he had made while you were taking the urine test. Maybe it was a combination of the two.

        Younbae spoke just seconds after the door closed behind the doctor. “I told Jiyong.” He looked down, as if he was ashamed. “That we had been dating for a while, and that we were here.” You didn’t see what was wrong with that. Jiyong was Youngbae’s best friend, and it was probably hard for him to not flaunt you to everyone since he was always saying how proud of you he was. Youngbae loved you, and you knew this. He had never said it upfront, but he showed it in his actions and in the little thoughtful things he said.

        “Okay. What did he say?” Youngbae chuckled and shook his head.

        “He called me an idiot. He said he already knew about you and I, that the whole band and a good amount of the staff already knew. He also scolded me for being careless.” He looked like a kicked puppy, and you were trying to stifle a giggle. He said that Jiyong had scolded him, but Youngbae was older than his leader and friend by a few months. You found it to be a little funny, but considering the situation, your laughs were silenced.

        “So, what will the company do?” You were worried. You really didn’t want Youngbae to get into any trouble. He just shook his head.

        “We’ll have to see, sweetheart. It depends on what the tests say. Let’s hope it’s nothing, but I don’t know how good of a chance we have.” He moved his other hand to rest on your thigh. He smiled at you, and you were really happy that you had him with you. Youngbae was so kind and sweet and gentle and you wouldn’t have anyone else with you at such a vulnerable moment for you. Though he was vulnerable too. His job could be on the line, and it would have been the both of your faults.

        The doctor knocked on the door before she entered, so you and Youngbae looked up, eager to see the results. If you knew your boyfriend at all, you knew what he wanted, but you didn’t know if you were ready to do what that entailed.

        The doctor cleared her throat and looked at the two of you. She knew who Youngbae was, and her next words made it obvious. “I don’t know if congratulations are in order or not.” She smiled at the two of you, and you felt like your heart was about the burst. You were waiting so patiently, but you had to know. “But I have the tests here, and they came back positive. I’ll leave you a moment to understand before we do anything else, alright?” She bowed slightly before exiting the room, allowing you and Youngbae some time to react in privacy. You sat shocked. You blinked, and Youngbae’s arms came around you suddenly, holding you to him tightly.

        “[y/n]! You’re pregnant!” You had refused to think of the word before now, and it was like the doctor knew you were since she hadn’t said it either. But as soon as Youngbae said it, the reality hit you. You were going to be a mom. And Youngbae was to be a dad. How were you going to make that happen? You could tell that Youngbae was excited. He loved Haru, and kids in general, so you knew he was hoping you’d start a family with him eventually. He wasn’t shy about that and the two of you had known each other for years at this point.

        But how would YG respond? You certainly wouldn’t be able to continue working at this point. Not with your condition, and Youngbae would probably make you stop working anyway, since he was pretty well off himself, and totally in your business, but this could be considered a scandal, and that would so bad for his work. Especially with how popular and successful and well-known he was.

        “I’m pregnant. Oh my gosh.” You smiled uneasily at Youngbae, but you relaxed when you saw that he was almost in tears. It was times like these that you knew he loved you, and you knew you and the child would be supported. You smiled for real, and when the doctor came back in, you both listened intently to what she had to say about the rest of your life, essentially.

        “[y/n], I really need you to know this.” Youngbae caught your eye as the two of you were walking home afterwards, and you saw a genuine, serious look in them. “Babe, I love you so much.” You started to cry, and he visibly freaked out before you shook your head and began to talk.

        “I know you do. I love you so much for that, Youngbae. I really, really love you.” You were overwhelmed with emotion, but thankfully, it was mostly good. Youngbae ended up piggy-backing you back to his place.

        A few months later, in the present, you’re watching your fiance perform while you sat in the audience. It was late March, and you were amazed at how much happier he seemed to be. He looked to put all of his effort into performing and practicing and pampering you. He was working hard for your baby, and he was almost glowing at all hours of the day. You were thankful that YG was so cool about the relationship, but it was only because so many fans were looking forward to seeing what their precious Taeyang’s baby would look like. They did polls and such, and the response to you was so positive.

        He had faced a small punishment, and that was because the two of you weren’t married, but he took it well, for you. It was a shock that he had been doing things like that, but Taeyang was well-respected and admired and everyone could tell how much he loved you. He dedicated his whole self to you, and you loved him for that. You hadn’t faced much, but Youngbae would have taken it for you if you were to get one.

        There were, of course, those fans that made a big deal, but Youngbae didn’t care. He had you, and he was soon going to have a family, and he couldn’t believe it. Of course, before YG officially announced you two as engaged, you got to meet his family, and though yours didn’t want to talk to him, or see you again, you were content with him just meeting your roommate. She was happy for you, shocked that your boyfriend was none other than Taeyang, sad that she wouldn’t have a chance with him, and happy that her idol was happy. That was how it ought to have been with all the fans that claimed to love him.

        You were so happy. You were looking forward to the ultrasound you had scheduled for next week, and you were excited that Youngbae was trying so hard to get the date off. He was going to be such a great dad. You felt sometimes that you didn’t deserve him, but you loved him so much, and he was just so good to you and your plus one.
Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) x Reader - Plus One
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        Jimin couldn't contain his smiled as he sat on his couch. He was excited for you to come over for movie night, because it was your two-year anniversary today. He couldn't sit still, and already had all of your favorite snacks laid out on the coffee table. He had the classic few movies that you both could recite every line to - The Emperor’s New Groove, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Princess Bride. He had a few others too, mostly romantic comedies because they were his favorites, and filled almost all of his shelves.

        He also had a surprise for you, and he knew that you were going to love it. The doorbell went off, and Jimin jumped to his feet and almost slipped when he ran because his socks were so slick on the wooden floor.

        He threw the door open, very eager to see you, and you could see the excitement plain on his face - his cheeks were pink in anticipation.

        You chuckled. “Here, I got these for you.” You held out a bouquet of roses. Jimin scowled.

        “I’m supposed to get these for you.” He started off kind of angry, but he ended his sentence pouting.

        “Aww.” You squished one of his cheeks. “I love it when you pout. Besides,” you walked past him into his apartment. “You never get me flowers, so I got you flowers to give me.” Jimin rolled his eyes - it was the same for Valentine’s day. You’d get him chocolates and yourself flowers.

        “Whatever. C’mon, everything is already set up.” Jimin kissed your cheek and placed his hand on your waist before moving it to your hand and dragging you to the living room.

        “Chim Chim, I’ve got to put these in water.” You whined until Jimin let go of you. You knew that he had a few vases since you liked flowers, so you put the roses in the middle of the island in the kitchen before going to cuddle with your boyfriend. He was nice and warm compared to the cold outside, and he let out a yell when your cold feet touched his calves.

        “Damn, [y/n]. For being so warm hearted, your feet are freezing. I hope they won’t be like that when you finally agree to marry me.” He loved to tease you.

        “Jimin,” you said, rolling your eyes. “You haven’t even asked me yet, how am I supposed to say yes?” He simply chuckled. “Jimin,” you warned.

        “Okay. why don’t you go put on a movie?” You groaned. Jimin was so warm, you didn’t want to get up.

        “Fine. You’re lucky you’re cute.” You used Jimin to get up, pushing down on his thigh before standing up. You did that purely to feel how muscular he was, and he knew it. He smirked while you went to the stack of movies and started to sift through them. A yellow note fell when you picked one of them up. Curious, you picked it up.

        ‘Go check the silverware drawer ;)

        You rolled your eyes at the hand-written emoji, but you went to the kitchen. When you pulled open the drawer, you saw another note, pink this time.

        ‘Nope. Maybe the bathroom?’

        Now you wanted to know where Jimin wanted you to go - the notes were in his surprisingly neat handwriting. You went to the only bathroom in the apartment, and on the mirror was a green note.

        ‘Nuh-uh~ Try the sock drawer?’

        You went across the apartment again to Jimin’s room and went to his dresser. You opened the sock drawer, and inside was a few pairs of your socks tossed in with his because your feet were always cold and Jimin hated it. Tucked into one of the pairs was a blue note. Before you read it, you put on the pair of watermelon socks. You grabbed your collection of colorful paper and read the most recent addition as you walked back to the living room, careful to not slip.

        ‘Check my pants ;)

        The ones he was wearing?  “Jimin, you perv, stand up,” you said. He feigned innocence.

        “Why? Did I do something wrong?” You rolled your eyes.

        “No, I just want to give you a kiss.” Jimin nodded like this was a legit reason to want him to stand up, or an acceptable reason to get him to stand up.

        “Okay.” He climbed to his feet and stood in front of you. He loved that he was taller than you. You stuck your hands in the back pockets of his jeans to simultaneously pull him forward and search them.

        Jimin loved it when you were in charge, even if he talked back the entire time. You kissed him, and when you didn’t find anything, stuck your fingers in his front pockets.

        “Oh, eager are we?” Jimin teased.

        “Shut up, you dirty old man.” He smirked and you pulled a purple piece of paper out of his pocket. You turned away from him to open and read it. Jimin pouted, you could tell, and wrapped his arms around your waist.

        “[y/n] was mean. She got me all riled up…” You smacked him on the side of the head before pulling yourself away from him.

        ‘Well, you got this far. If you have this note, you’re super dedicated, so I’ll actually tell you where the present is - check the laundry room’

        You eyed Jimin suspiciously before going slowly to the laundry room. On the handle, there was an orange sticky note.

        ‘Ready? I hope you like him~’

        You blinked. Him? You opened the door, and inside was a small golden retriever puppy. You gasped, and the puppy froze. It had been wrestling with a Suga Hiphop Monster plush, but when he saw you, he dropped it and went running for attention.

        Tears sprang to your eyes. You had always wanted a dog, but you were weak and would have wanted to adopt them all if you went to a shelter. You knelt down and picked up the puppy, crying.

        “Oh my God, Jimin. I love him.” You knew he’d be able to hear you from the living room.

        “That’s good. I’m glad I chose right. It would have been so awkward if you didn’t love him.” You laughed and punched his arm lightly.

        “You know I would love any dog that you gave me. I love how you did all the colors too.” You pulled out the notes from your hoodie pocket (actually, it was his), and then pointed to the teal ribbon around the dog’s neck.

        “Oh. That was Taehyung’s idea, actually. Seokjin-hyung said to make them all your favorite color, but you don’t have a definitive favorite color, so I went with Tae’s idea instead.” Jimin sat next to you on the floor.

        “Thank you, Jimin.”

        “So,” he asked. “What are you going to name him?” You thought as you ran your fingers through his fur.

        “I’m thinking Jīnsѐ.” Jimin hummed at your suggestion.

        “That sounds nice.” You nodded, but when you were rubbing the fur around Jīnsѐ’s neck, you felt a piece of paper attached to the ribbon. It was white.

        ‘Will you marry me, [y/n]?’

        You gasped. “But Jīnsѐ, I just met you. I don’t think that I could marry you.” You shook your head at your dog, getting back at Jimin for his teasing, and urging to man up and ask you himself.

        Jimin whined. “[y/n], I wrote that, not him!” He was pouting again, so you kissed him.

        “Try asking me yourself, stud.” Jimin stuck his lower lip out further at your suggestion.

        “Fine.” Jimin turned to face you and took Jīnsѐ from you, setting him to the side. He grabbed your hands and looked you in the eye. You blinked. “[y/n], babe, the love of my life, I need to ask you something important.” You nodded.

        “Will you please do me the honor of choosing me to stay with for the rest of our lives? Will you grow old with me and still love me after I lose my abs? Because everyone knows that the husband gains weight with his wife when she’s pregnant. Will you be willing to go through that for me? Child-birth, that is. What I mean to really ask is, [y/n],” he took a deep breath and smiled hesitantly, though you could see the truth in his eyes, how genuinely he meant this. “Will you marry me?”

        You weren’t really expecting to be proposed to on the floor of Jimin’s laundry room, but every emotion was real, and you were crying, and hugging and kissing Jimin while you found the strength to answer since his improvised speech, much like his improvised dance did, left you weak and speechless.

        “Yes. Yes, yes. As many times yes as you need Jimin. I will marry you and stay with you though kids and time, even after you lose your looks, because you’ll still be you.” Jimin was crying too he was so happy, and Jīnsѐ was barking happily, sensing the emotion and mood in the room.

        “It only took one, [y/n]. I love you, so much.”

        “I love you too.”
        "Look!  He's here again, [y/n]!"  Your best friend was standing in front of the dance studio's glass door and was pointing inside.

        "Hana, it's not nice to point!"  You smacked her hand and gave her a reprimanding look.  "And where is Jihee?"  You looked around, but didn't see the wild girl with the ice-blue hair.

        "I dunno..." Hana trailed off.  Somehow, you didn't trust that kind of response.

        "Hana?  Do I have to steal your phone again?"  She shook her head.

        "Oh, no!  She's not at the studio, I know.  Or at the dorm!  I actually don't know where Jihee is.  She told me that she was going to miss practice, and then took off.  I don't know where - probably to go risk rumors with Jisung again."  You groaned.  Jisung was trouble - a tattooed, pierced, troublemaker of a boy, and a bad influence that you didn't need around Jihee, a girl who had trained her tail off so that she could hopefully debut with you and Hana sometime soon.  The three of you together made a cute, three-member band called 'TMTH' or 'Three Much To Handle.'

        Honestly, you were sure that any producer you get will be happy that you know Jihee and Hana so well - you took care of them like you were their mom.  You didn't know if you'd be able to handle another member, since you were currently the oldest, and the leader.  When the other two weren't goofing off or threatening to get you disbanded before the official debut, you all got along very well.

        "Okay, call her please, Hana?  I left my phone at the dorm."  Hana nodded.  She was a sweet girl, like Jihee usually was, and obsessed with her phone.  You didn't know how, but she ran several social media accounts; and you knew that she was actually very popular.  You were glad that she could keep a secret, because your debut was supposed to be a surprise for the company's anniversary.

        "She's not answering," Hana said, looking up.

        "Did you call her, or text her?"  You sighed when Hana slowly looked down at her phone before pressing a few buttons and lifting it to her ear.  Not everyone responded to messages as fast as she did.

        As the two of you waited for Jihee's response, you turned your attention to the practice studio.  Inside, there was the boy that had been training for the last few weeks.  You could probably copy the choreography if you tried, you had seen it so often.  He was a beautiful dancer, and you'd have to be living under a rock in the deepest crevices of a cave to not know that the boy was Jung Hoseok, or J-Hope, of BTS.

        The first time he had appeared in your studio, Hana wanted to storm inside and beg for his autograph.  You wouldn't let her.  Jihee couldn't care less about who he was, she just wanted to know why he was in your practice studio instead of his own, since the studio was reserved.

        None of you ever asked him, though it had almost been a month.  It never seemed appropriate, especially since he always left looking a little upset, like he couldn't conquer a specific move.  You understood the feeling.

        "Hey, Jihee still isn't answering."  You turned and looked at Hana. 

        "Of course she isn't.  Go get my phone, won't you?"  She nodded, handed you her dance bag, and left, sprinting because she knew how upset you were, even if you didn't show it.  You had been waiting seven years to debut, and you weren't going to let some nobody steal one of your girls away because she was awesome and amazing.  Jisung taking Jihee's time also meant that he was taking practice time away from the whole group.

        And TMTH only got released if the higher-ups saw you as perfect.  You turned twenty that year, so you were running out of time to be perfect.

        While Jihee was missing and Hana was getting your phone, you decided that you were going to practice to get that one move that had been kicking your ass,
even if it meant practicing in the same room as J-Hope.

        Taking a deep breath, you shifted the two bags you were holding to one hand before opening the door.  The music wasn't playing too loudly, but J-Hope was so concentrated that he didn't notice you for five minutes while you stretched.

        He finally got tired of missing his mark and stood up, breathing heavily.  You'd be lying if you said that you didn't find him attractive, but you were reserved enough to not say anything while he wiped the sweat off of his upper lip with the bottom of his tank-top.

        You were wearing tennis shoes, an over-sized T-shirt, and leggings to practice in, and when you were done with your quick stretches, you made sure that your hair was off of you neck and face; you didn't want your hair to stick to your skin when you started to sweat.

        You stood up and turned to face the mirror so that you could see your mistake when you made it.  You did the move in slow motion, but when you tried to speed it up, you'd nearly fall flat on your face.  You didn't hear the music stop.

        "You need to pivot your heel more - you're not getting enough momentum."  You almost jumped out of your skin when you hear J-Hope speak.  You knew what his voice sounded like, thanks to Hana, but you had never heard it like this - frustrated and tired.  You had always thought that Jung Hoseok had endless bounds of energy, but apparently not enough to keep his voice high and happy.  His tone had given you shivers.

        "Oh.  Really?"  You looked down at your feet as you practiced the pivot separately.  You tried the move again, and succeeded. Your eyes went wide.  "Oh my God.  I've never gotten it in time before!"  You let out a cheer and jumped up and down.  "Thank you so much!"  You were smiling wide when you settled down.  "I'm [y/n], by the way."  He nodded and held out his hand to shake.  Your eyes widened a bit, since that was usually between men.  J-Hope had been in the west recently, though, and you knew that western women would shake hands along with the men, and you guessed he had gotten used to odd customs.

        As to not be rude, you shook his hand, but still bowed slightly with your head.  "Call me Hoseok, unless you want to call me Oppa?"  He smiled and winked, and you understood why so many girls (and boys) like him so much.

        "I think I'll stick with Hoseok right now, if that's alright?"  You wrapped one hand in front of the other in front of you.  You had just met Hoseok, and it was improper to call him oppa the first time you had met him.  Hana would have called him that, and you didn't know what what Jihee would have called him. 

        You didn't really understand why she was still hanging onto the punk facade, since she was the one who voted on the girly concept for TMTH, since it fit well with her and Hana's ages - eighteen and seventeen respectively.  Hana was the youngest, which was why she was so compliant to go get your cellphone.

        "So, you're having issues with you dance too, right?  Can I see it again?"  You realized what you had said and covered your mouth. 

        Hoseok laughed.  "Alright.  Go turn on the music?"  He moves to position while you restarted the song, and then you watched, breathless, while Hoseok didn't just practice, but perform.  His body and grace were beauty itself, and you really admired the way he lost himself into the music and movements.  He was gorgeous.

        You were speechless as you watched, and you almost missed where he messed up since it was such a small mistake and he hid it well.  But you hadn't trained for so long to not notice it.

        "Hmm.  Watch me.  I think you do it like...this?"  You copied him to the best of your ability.  Hoseok nodded.  "Okay, do it slowly."  He did it.  "Okay, stop.  Right here, you step like this," you showed him, "but you should do it like this instead.  It's smoother."  You showed him both ways slowly, and then in tempo.  He was focused solely on you, and you pushed the fact that he was very famous and very talented and very attractive, out of your head so that you could teach him properly.

        He copied you, and then hit it perfectly.

        "Yes!  Thank you so much, [y/n].  You're awesome."  He had his sun-worthy smile back on, and you felt like it was blinding you. 

        Before he could try to hug you or anything, Hana came back.  She didn't see you outside, so she assumed that J-Hope had left and that you had started practicing.  She was half right.

        "Okay, [y/n]-unnie, you really need to update your background.  I know for a fact that you've had this phone for longer than a year, and the wallpaper is still the factory-set..." Hana looked up and saw Hoseok.  Her jaw dropped, and she started to stutter.

        "J-Hope-oppa?  Oh my God.  You're actually, I'm actually, I, uh."  You had never seen the girl speechless before.

        "Hello~" Hoseok smiled and waggled his fingers in Hana's direction.  She looked about ready to faint.

        "Oh my gosh.  Would you phone case?"  She showed it to him.  It was a pale pink case, nothing fancy.  Hoseok chuckled and when to his dance bag to get a permanent marker.  Hana was very careful to avoid touching him when she gave him the phone - she didn't want to break the illusion if that's what he was.

        "Here you go...what's your name?"  She told him.  She wouldn't stop smiling when he gave the phone back to her, even after he thanked you for helping him and left.  She didn't even realize that he had spoken to you, so she couldn't get jealous.

        After Hoseok had left the practice room, Jihee decided to show up.  You were angered again when you saw her - she had poorly applied concealer on her neck and shoulders that showed around her tank-top straps.

        "Jihee," you said.  She hummed lazily as a response.

        "Get your shit together.  Jisung isn't worth your career, or mine.  So you'd better choose right now.  I hate giving people ultimatums, but you're going to choose right now," you said.  You had to snap her out of her delusion before someone got hurt.  "I wasn't supposed to tell you, but they're already looking at other girls - whoever they choose was going to be another member, but she might end up replacing you, because I don't need your attitude on this team - it brings both Hana and myself down because you're never at practice, and I'm sorry for exploding, but you can't even hide the evidence of you breaking contract."  Neither girl had ever heard you yell or be actually angry before, so this was a shock to the both of them.

        Jihee began to cry.

        "I'm so sorry, [y/n].  I'm so, so, so sorry.  I was afraid to leave Jisung.  I don't like him, but he threatened to leak pictures that he took against my will - I didn't want that kind of image for TMTH either, so I chose what seemed like the lesser of two evils, and I stayed with him.  But I've had enough!  I'm breaking it off with him next time I see him, and I'm going to have help so he can't get away with hurting me again."  She sniffled, and you smiled.  Jihee gave you a look, like you were crazy.  "What?"

        "Oh, nothing.  You got all that, right Hana?"  The girl nodded and showed Jihee that she had a recording app open the whole time.  "So, Jihee?  Ready to go get rid of Jisung and then dance until you drop?"  She shook her head.  "Good!  Let's go, ladies."  The three of you went to go find your favorite security guard (he snuck you alcohol because you didn't snitch about his illegal poker games) to back up Jihee.

        About two weeks passed before you saw Hoseok again.  He was just sitting on the floor of your practice studio, fully clothed and fidgeting.  You were lucky that the other two girls weren't with you.

        "So, how is Jihee?" he asked.  You were shocked.

        "How did you-"

        "Know her name?  I looked up you and Hana in the company's database, and after I put in my employee number, since I'm technically an employee, I got access to the files on TMTH.  You guys are cute."  He stood up and smiled genuinely.  "Also," his lips were almost pouty, one of his eyebrows lifted, the other sunk down.  "You were pretty loud a few weeks ago, and I heard you being a leader.  The shouting and all.  It was kind of hot."  You blinked, and he winked.

        "Wait, what?"  You blushed.

        "Aww, you're such a cute little trainee.  You heard me right, [y/n]."  He smiles innocently and nodded.

        God, you wanted to kiss him so badly.
        He walked out of his office, stretching, when he heard a sniffling from the TV room.  Confused, Namjoon peered into the den to find all the lights off and the TV on.  Glancing at the couch, he saw a pile of white and a pile of blue.

        The pile of white was of tissues; crumpled after being used to wipe away tears (thankfully, instead of the sleeve of Namjoon's favorite jacket, again).

        The pile of blue was you, all curled up under the blanket that Jimin had gotten you for your birthday.  He had bought it in the first place because Yoongi was complaining about you always taking his jackets when you couldn't find Namjoon's.  You were usually cold in the house, but that was because Namjoon keeps the temperature low out of habit - at the dorm, Seokjin had been frugal, and he knew heating was expensive.

        Your eyes were red and puffy from all the crying, and your nose was a similar shade of scarlet.  You hadn't noticed Namjoon yet, and you and eyes were trained on the TV.

        "Babe, what's wrong?  Are you alright?"  Namjoon asked.  You looked up at him, startled for a moment before you realized that it was him.  You wiped your nose again.

        "I'm okay, baby.  It's just..." you trained off and looked at the TV again.  Namjoon did as well and saw that you were watching a drama - one with seven familiar looking boys.

        "Oh my God.  Is that Jackson?"  Namjoon broke into giggles at how young his friend looked on screen.   "What is this?  When is this?"  He was taking out his phone to take pictures.  You sighed and paused the show with his friend on screen so that it wouldn't be blurry, and so you could explain. 

        "It's called 'Dream Knight,' and it's from 2015.  And yeah, that's Jackson.  He has fire magic powers."  You said this matter-of-fact, and Namjoon sat on the couch next to you. 

        "Okay, so this is all of GOT7?"  You nodded.  You loved how well he paid attention when you were talking about something that you liked.

        "Obviously, they have powers.  Well, some of them.  Four of them.  JB, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae.  In order, their powers are ice, fire, love, and wind," you shook your head.  "It's a ridiculous show at first," you paused.  "But now I'm crying because of Youngjae."  You blew your nose again.  "I'm sorry, I'm ridiculous."  Namjoon wrapped an arm around you.

        "No, it's cute that you're so wrapped up in this fictional world - you've got a good imagination."  You snorted.  "I'm serious.  Now, who's your favorite character in here?"  You thought. 

        "Well, they're all so unique, and such awesome characters, but I think I like Jackson or JB."  You nodded, no longer sad since Namjoon had joined you.  You had just finished episode nine, and had three episodes left.  Namjoon rolled his eyes at your favorites - the leader of another group, and his best friend.

        "So does that mean you like them better than me?"  He pulled his arm away from your shoulders, feigning hurt.  He pouted and stood.

        "No," you giggled.  "I don't like them better than you."  Namjoon turned away.

        "Tell me that when you've finished the series first."  He then left to go back into his office and finish working while you continued your show.

        The next time that Namjoon left his office, the TV was silent.  He went down the hall and looked into the living room again.  The tissue pile was larger, and the [y/n] pile was smaller, like you had curled into yourself even more.  You were crying again, he could hear.

        Namjoon went over to you.  He sat beside you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders while you sobbed.  He pet your head, and you unwrapped yourself enough enough so that he could get under the large blanket too, and cuddle you until you were ready to talk.

        You wrapped yourself in his long arms to feel safe, and then wrapped your own arms around his thin torso.  Namjoon hummed and rubbed his hand up and down you back to soothe you.

        "It's okay babe.  What happened?"  You snuggled and snuggled deeper into Namjoon's embrace.  He kissed the top of your head and you sighed.

        "You're my favorite, Joonie," you said before you began to explain what had had happened.  Namjoon shook his head.

        "Isn't this why I told you to not binge dramas anymore?  You're sympathetic and always end up crying."  You rolled your eyes.

        "Yeah.  I'm sorry."  Namjoon nodded.

        "It's okay, babe.  I still love you."  You looked up.

        "Really?"  Your eyes were big and watery, your lip trembling.  Namjoon nodded.

        "Of course.  Always.  Now, let's get some dinner."  He went to stand up, but you clung to him.

        "No!  Wait!  Don't leave!"  You looked up, scared.  The drama had really affected your emotions.  Namjoon smiled warmly.

        "I'm not going to leave you, [y/n]," he said.  He kissed you with some effort since he  was taller than you, but he didn't mind.  "Why do you think I married you?"
Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) x Reader - Dream Knight
"Hey, Youngjae.  I've got a beef to settle."


"You made my wife cry."

"What?  When?  How?"

"You know what you did.  2015."


*Jackson screams at the pictures Namjoon sent to him*

*Youngjae sees the pictures*



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